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Wooden Home Framing

Peak's Addition

The Original East Dallas

Peak's Addition Neighborhood includes the historic district known as “Peak's Suburban Addition Historic District”, as well as a portion of the neighborhood that does not have a historic overlay, but does have restrictions based on a PD (Planned Development). 


Any new construction, as well as any changes to the outside of existing properties, within Peak's Suburban Addition Historic District requires approval by the City's Landmark Commission.  The approval process begins with an application for a “Certificate of Appropriateness” (CA).  This must be posted  visibly on the property during construction.  See the tabs below to guide you through your journey.

Please note that Peak's Addition Neighborhood Association does not govern this process.  It is a city ordinance.

The neighborhood welcomes you and looks forward to assisting you if needed. 


City Ordinances

Planned Development


Researching Your Property

If walls could talk! 

Here's how to find the story...

Navigating Landmark Commission

Certificate of Appropriateness

Tips and Processes 

Restorations and New-Builds

See what's been done in our neighborhood

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