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Your Home's Story

In some instances, knowing your home's history helps with your application to Landmark Commission for changes you might want to make to the exterior of the structure.  And sometimes it's just cool to know all about the place you call home!


1905 Sanborn Maps

Find your property on this map.  Note that addresses in Dallas were changed in 1910.

1922 Sanborn Maps

Find your property on this map.

Historic Map of our Streets

Our neighborhood was once considered the far end of Dallas

Dallas Public Library

Worley's Directory

To find the year your home was built, one resource is Worley's Directory.  This directory lists addresses as well as the residents who lived there,  along with their profession.  You will need to go through the directory looking for your address.  The earliest appearance of the address will help approximate the construction year of your home. 

Preservation Dallas

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