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*Join now for membership Jan 1- Dec 31, 2022

Single $50:  One Person who is a primary resident/legal owner in Peak's Addition.  Eligible to vote (1 person)

Household $75: Two adults who are primary residents/legal owners in Peak's Addition. Eligible to vote (2 people)

Senior Citizens $25: One or two adults who are primary residents/legal owners in Peak's Addition and over the age of 65. Eligible to vote. (1-2 people)

Friend of Peak's Addition $25: Those who do not meet the required criteria to become a voting member of the Association.

Bylaw definition of Legal Ownership (for more information on bylaws, see the resources section of website):

1.3 Eligibility to Vote. No member shall be eligible to vote whose dues have not been paid and whose membership has not been accepted for at least thirty (30) days next preceding the date of such vote.


Expanded Neighborhood Patrol

When you sign up for ENP, your home will be added to the list for additional patrol by off-duty uniformed DPD officers.  This program does not replace calling 911, but allows for members to have enhanced police services.  Only ENP members will be given the  email of the patrolling officers to request, for example, extra patrol of one's home when out of town, etc.

The cost is $300 for ENP membership from Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2022.     To enroll in ENP, choose the appropriate HOA membership level + ENP after submitting the information form on this page.  

**Multi-family property owners are

welcome to join ENP as well.   

Join ENP and add your property on the rental registration page which is only available to members.


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