Neighborhood Land Maps

These maps were prepared to help us fight Dallas Central Appraisal District's assessment.  They show the underlying zoning (Map 1) and DCAD's assessed land price (Map 2).  It has been discovered that a missed data point has driven the large increase in your 2019 land values.  

  1.  Properties on Upper Swiss are valued significantly lower than our neighborhood, despite a similar historic overlay and restricted Planned Development (PD) zoning.
  2.  Properties used by DCAD to assess our land values are not in the same zoning.  We can not develop our properties as townhomes or multi-family due to the PD and Historic District overlays.
  3. The property at 4602 Sycamore was not included in DCAD's analysis.  It is one of the only land sales in the neighborhood.  It is more recent and more relevant, but was not used in their assessment process.

Map 1:  Neighborhood Zoning Summary Map

Map 2:  Parcel-by-parcel 2019 DCAD Land Value Map

NOTE:  This is assessed dirt value, NOT PROPERTY VALUE