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Deep Ellum

Lakewood Theater

Deep Ellum 

Located in Old East Dallas, this neighborhood lies just southwest of Peak’s Suburban Historic District and is composed largely of bars and entertainment venues. The district boasts the city’s largest collection of commercial storefronts from the early 20th century and includes many individual structures significant in their own right.  In 1914, Henry Ford selected Deep Ellum as the site for one of his earliest automobile plants.The Music Scene Deep Ellum’s real claim to fame, however, was found in its music. By the 1920s, the neighborhood had become a hotbed for early jazz and blues musicians, hosting the likes of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Huddie “Leadbelly” Ledbetter, Texas Bill Day and Bessie Smith.


Greenville Avenue

Just northeast of Peak’s Suburban Historic District, as North Munger Boulevard curves northward is the beginning of “Lower Greenville”.  One of the oldest and most popular neighborhoods in the city, it is within walking distance and boasts a collection of bars and restaurants.



Northeast of Peak’s Suburban Historic District and due east of Greenville Avenue is the Lakewood neighborhood.  It lies on the west side of White Rock Lake, and is home to the Lakewood Shopping Center on Abrams Road and the historic Lakewood Theatre.



North of Peak’s Suburban Historic District, the Knox-Henderson District encompasses Knox Street on its southern end and Henderson Avenue on its northern end, separated by Interstate 75 (Central Expressway).  It is one of Dallas’ most eclectic and diverse entertainment districts with restaurants, bars, shopping and multiple antique stores.



A short drive west of Peak’s Suburban Historic District lies “Uptown”,  Dallas trendiest development of apartments, businesses, bars, restaurants and shopping, and arguably the "most walkable neighborhood in the city".  It is the starting point of the Dallas Trolley system which runs on McKinney Avenue and connects Uptown to Clyde Warren Park and  the Central Business District.  It is home to the State Thomas Historic District.


West End

Due west of Peak’s Suburban Historic District, and at the end of downtown Dallas lies the West End Historic District.  Within this district lies Dealey Plaza, the SixthFloor Museum, the Dallas World Aquarium, and multiple restaurants and bars.

Uptown Trolley

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