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$300/ household

 Jan 1- Dec 31, 2021

You must be a 2021 HOA member to join the ENP program 

Peak's addition has contracted with off-duty Dallas Police officers in marked cars for additional police presence.  The number of hours and days will vary, as will the time of day that the police will patrol.   Additional patrol occurs throughout the neighborhood, but reports and access to patrolling
officers is a benefit for ENP members only. 
The more households that join, the more hours we will be able to hire additional patrol.    When you join, your name and address is added to the watch list of the patrolling officer.   You will also receive the email address of the patrolling officer.  This is not a substitute for calling 911, but a means of communication to alert the officer to things you may have noticed occurring in the neighborhood, or to notify them of vacation plans and that you would like additional monitoring of your home.
Residents and owners of multi-family properties, as well as Peak's Addition  businesses may also enroll in ENP. 
Join Peak's Addition HOA as a "friend". 
Please contact Scott Berlin for pricing.  
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