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An integral component to keeping the neighborhood actively involved in crime prevention efforts as well as the important process of information exchange between neighbors.

• Be a current paying member of Peak’s Addition.

• Attend General Neighborhood Meetings.

• Introduce yourself to current neighbors and welcome new additions.

• Report to the Captain Lead (Board Member) any block information needing attention by the Association.

• Be aware of crime activity in the area and report to the authorities if needed.

• Identify a willing individual to take your place when your term as block captain is over.


Early Childhood PTA - Birth through elementary age families

We support each other through the hardships and joys of parenthood. Our group is a resource of information on parenting, daycare, education systems, and neighborhood activities. We socialize with moms and dads who have kids close to the same age, and we have a lot of fun! We encourage community involvement throughout the year with membership-sponsored events, including holiday parties, adult outings, speakers, kids’ activities and playgroups, all organized and run by our board members.


Friends of Zaragoza

Dallas ISD and the neighborhood schools that make up the Woodrow - North Dallas High School community act on behalf of neighborhood families in an effort to provide outstanding educational opportunities for school aged children. Partnerships among school, with families, businesses and community organizations are vital to developing those opportunities and fine tuning them to fit the needs of our specific community. A vital link in that partnership, providing a forum for communication of needs and opportunities and facilitating sharing of resources and support.


Research, Zoning, Building Utilization Maps

Attendance zones are prepared using school locations and capacities, student home addresses that have been entered into a computer geographic system, natural boundaries such as highways and lakes, and enrollment projections. The goal is to make the building utilization of neighboring schools as comparable as possible, while making access to the schools as safe as possible.



Review and gain full understanding of PDs and City Zoning. Look current PD language and propose updates for consistency          Awareness of current/future development in the neighborhood and building standards.

Please fill out the form and an email will be sent to the appropriate committee chair. Thank you for your participation!

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